Sunday, 6 December 2015


This week we did E.O.T.C Week and on Monday we did was mini  master chef and first aid Training. That day I liked the mini master chef because we got to make smooths they were so good and are own food and I felt like a cook.

 On Tuesday we did Team building at Orana park and rock claiming at the Rec Centre and I got to the top like spider man.

On Wednesday we got to do Abseiling and clay art and my dad got to come it was so cool and at art I made a swamp dragon and it was gigantic.

On Thursday we got to do swimming survival skill's and then we got subway it was yam. Then we went to stempank and made are own sculptures but we had to brake them no!!!!!  I loved E.O.T.C week and it was the bast week ever.

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